What's an AP class like?

There's more to AP than you ever imagined. Drive the discussion, discover for yourself how things work and get ready for university.

Get Real. Do What Matters, Now!

With AP, you don't have to wait for college to start contributing, because AP is college in a high school setting.  AP Calculus does not only give you the knowledge and skills to help you at university, but scoring well on the AP Exam can get you credit and placement there too.

Dive In Headfirst. Get Hands-On.

In AP Calculus immersive course, you don't just read about things, you get to learn how things really work. You won't just be memorizing facts and figures that you'll forget moments after the test. In AP Calculus, you'll tackle concepts and do things that will stick with you long after the class is through. Your AP teacher's hands-on approach to learning takes you out of the typical classroom and into an experience that will prepare you for university and beyond.

Speak up. Be heard.

In AP classes, just like in university, you not only learn by doing, but by sharing and speaking out. You'll be asked to add your unique perspective because the dialog and debate contributes to the knowledge that's shared by everyone. You'll help drive the class and sharpen your skills by learning to express yourself before you get to university.

Work Side-By-Side. Get support

With AP Calculus, you'll explore new ideas side-by-side with your classmates and AP teacher. When you get to university, you'll be asked to manage your own time and study habits, while tackling challenging problems and subject areas. This is what you get when you take an AP Calculus class, with the added benefit of your AP teacher helping you throughout the journey. AP Calculus let you to see and feel what university work is like, while receiving the support to help you get there

Step Up. Surprise Yourself!

In AP classes, you can set bigger goals for yourself, and find yourself doing things you never thought possible. By doing university-level work in high school, AP students can test themselves and take risks in a familiar setting, gaining confidence and a rewarding experience in addition to the university credit and placement.

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